I was made for sunny days...

This is officially my new favorite "song of summer."

I know, I know the "experts" (and by experts I mean the evening DJ on 107.7) say that it is Katy Perry's California Gurls. The following are the reasons I disagree with this prediction:

1. The video is atrocious. Two words: cupcake boobs. She is in a Willy Wonka wannabe candyland dancing around licking ice cream cones. No thank you.
2. Girls is not supposed to be spelled gurls.
3. While Snoop Dogg will always have a special place in my heart (Gin and Juice has special memories for me and no I will not tell what they are); he completely let his standards fly out the window with this special appearance.
4. I admit, the one about kissing a girl was kind of catchy. I could even handle the hot and cold and Vegas one, but this is the fourth one in a row that sounds the exact same as all of the aforementioned! Creativity people!
5. These lyrics: "Bikinis, zuchinis, martinis. No weenies. Just a king and a queen-ie." I'm not even sure what to say about this one. What do zuchinis have to do with Claifornia and summer and the beach?

I think five reasons are enough. I'm sure the Weepies won't be winning a grammy any time soon; but it is mellow, catchy, happy and you can actually understand the lyrics. That's good enough for me.

I originally intended this blog to be about how even though I complain about it being so hot, I really didn't mind the sun because it was better than cloudy, rainy, dreary days...thus, "I was made for sunny days." It turned into a musical review. I'm sorry. I do realize I'm not a music critic. Next time, I'll stick to the completely off the wall randomness that seems to find me on a daily basis.

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