Brick by Brick

*A big thank you to Iggy Pop for the title of this post. I had forgotten about you until I came across a long forgotten itunes playlist. It made me happy.

I don't really want to be the person who has a blog to tell about what I've done this weekend, or how my yard needs mowing or that I really need to go grocery shopping.  Not that I don't love those kinds of blogs. I have plenty of friends whose blogs I read and love that go into their live's details.  I just don't think my life is that exciting, so I try (emphasis on try) to just convey some thoughts I have rambling around in my head. This one, however, will focus on my week.

First thing, I love Riverfest.  I joined the committee this year and had the time of my life.  No sleep. Lots of walking. More drinking. Awesome music. Festival food. New friends. Exhaustion... Four days of non-stop laughing, crazy heat, tons of people and great musical acts made me glad to call Little Rock home.

Second thing, I'm sad the Delta Leadership Institute is over. I had such an amazing experience meeting new people, making new friends, gaining a new respect for the Delta, and learning a lot about myself. I must admit, at first, I may have gone into these leadership programs thinking this would be a nice addition to my resume.  Thankfully, what it really became, was a nice addition to my life. I not only learned about the Delta and DRA,but I learned how to work as a team, how to give of yourself even when you don't really feel you can, and how to learn from others that you never thought you could.

These activities have made me realize that I actually do call Little Rock home. Little by little, I have built a life here and I finally have realized that I am part of the community.  From joining organziations like Riverfest, Junior League, Leadership Little Rock, and Delta Leadership Institute to building a career, buying a house, attending graduate school and church; and making new friends. Prescott will always be my first home where I learned, well, everything about who I am and want to be.  But, Little Rock is definitely the place where I am learning to be an adult and to pursue those goals and dreams that I formed in a small southern town.

Sidenote: I started this blog last week and never got finished (go figure). Since then, I have put another notch in my belt of adulthood...I paid off my car. Those payments seemed endless. Anyway, I can now officially say that I own my own car.

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