I'm ba-ack...

Oh dear. It has been three months since my last blog post. Honestly, I've all but given up. Then, my dear, far-away friend, Samantha, let me know she missed it. That made me feel good. Also, a new friend was asking me what I did creatively and I honestly couldn't think of anything, really. That made me sad. I want to be creative! All the things I do that I actually am good at creating - baking, knitting, writing - I haven't been doing lately. So...I will begin blogging again! Get excited.

Since I have written, we have won an election, (4 more years for my favorite Governor!), lost some elctions, and I have had to act like an adult for several major life experiences (car issues, wreck, house issues, life issues...) My hogs are making a major bowl appearance (pour some sugar on me!); I hung out with some pretty cool musicians (entertainer of the year,Brad Paisley!) and my first niece was born (Adelin Gale). It's been a whirlwind of a few months to say the least. I have gotten to experience some of my favorite things about fall in Arkansas...

The state fair - chocolate bacon or fried coke anyone?
Fall foliage - ummm, we have the prettiest leaves anywhere. Bar none. I'll fight ya over it.
Halloween - I was Holly Go-Lightly this year...but, in the scene when she is getting out of bed with the sleep mask and in a huge men's white button up shirt. Different and so fun.
Thanksgiving - one of my favorite holidays. I get to see my family all in one place and I always do something for someone in need. It's a win, win.
Porch sittin' weather - On my top ten list of things to do? Sit on any porch, anywhere in Arkansas with good friends and a beverage and enjoy Arkansas sunsets and cool breezes.
RAZORBACK FOOTBALL - some of the best times I've ever had have been at Arkansas Razorback games. It's a matter of pride...and competition.

I really think that's the best note to end on. Hopefully, my creative juices will get flowing again and I will come back more often. Maybe I just need some inspiration...


  1. I'll be your inspiration baby!

  2. Yay!! Loved the triumphant return post. I hate that I missed the Fair w/ you girls this year. You know how much I love that place (well, in the daytime, when it's not shady, and there isn't mud all over the place...)